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Become A Licensed Skydiver

Complete our Accelerated Freefalling Course and you have the power to jump solo anywhere in the world.

6 Hours Ground School Training

In our 6-hour Ground School training you'll be introduced to all aspects of skydiving including how to use the equipment needed for your first solo skydive.
Ground School will also cover procedures for exiting the aircraft, proper body positions for your freefall, emergency procedures for the unlikely malfunction, and how to fly and land the parachute.  

Make Your First Solo Skydive on the Day of Your Ground School (Night Class Excluded)

Itching to hit the skies and feel the rush of a freefall? We don't blame you.

First 3 Training Skydives with 2 Certified Instructors

Your first three skydives will be completed with two certified instructors diving next to you. These skydives are a chance for you to practice the basic movements of the body during a skydive and gain an awareness of the ground during a dive.

Book online and get a free video of your first jump.

A video of your skydive can help you evaluate your performance and identify areas for improvement. Book online and we'll give you a free video of your first jump.

Once you've completed your 6-hour ground training, you can gear up and begin your journey as a skydiver — this means you can skydive solo on the same day you complete your Ground School. The only things that can stand in your way are nightfall and lousy weather.


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